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Innovation by ink


We control sustainability with inks


Ink is a key factor in the value chain


Creativity and flexibility is our plus in the development of inks and technical solutions

Thinking in processes

Ink is an important piece of the puzzle for acting sustainably

For example, inks can indicate when a machine needs a service which can make enormous savings. There are many examples for process optimising in which inks play a large role.

As an innovative enterpise prometho is focussed on the development of trendsetting inks. Sustainability is a must.

It’s us

Curious, creative and highly motivated scientists and engineers

who enjoy their work are the backbone of our innovative research and development and thus the basis for our products. Extensive knowledge and years of experience have led to a concentration of expertise and know-how in the field of chemical development and analytics as well as the manufacturing of pigment dispersions, inks and printing inks.  

The creative team with the developer gene around Ruth und Jens Christoph Hoffmann

We are specialised in the development and manufacture of inks, digital printing inks and pigment dispersions. That has been our passion for more than 20 years. Because we love to master challenges and to provide our customers with application oriented solutions so that their products make their customers happy.

We give your inks character

For more than 20 years we have been inventing success. We combine innovation with sustainability and think for tomorrow today.

By optimising existing formulations we conserve resources and save costs. Furthermore, we guarantee quality and availability.

Ruth and Jens Christoph Hoffmann

Digital printing inks, pigment dispersions and creative inks

 We think outside the box

This applies to our product developments as well as to the possible applications. In this way, new ideas often arise in the course of product development, which are then tested for feasibility and marketability.

If we find positive answers to our questions about new fields of application, unique selling points or additional benefits, we have usually already laid the foundation for a new innovation.

Please use our network and see our service for yourself

As well as consistent quality and availability you benefit from individual support. If a product is discontinued or reclassified, we have a suitable alternative.

Our interdisciplinary development team knows the ins and outs

We consider every norm and requirement in our field of expertise and therefore YOU do not have to worry about anything. Furthermore, prometho inks have unique features which will benefit YOU and strengthen YOUR market position.


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