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Digital printing – dyeing – creating

Digital printing

Textiles in particular offer an extraordinary variety of materials. The selection ranges from various natural fibers to synthetic fibers up to recycled materials and a colourful mix thereof.

This is why digitally printable textile inks must be optimally matched to the substrate. After all, the best printing results can only be achieved with a perfectly adjusted ink.

Our inks are characterised by outstanding properties and are individually adapted to your printing task. For example:

  • Printable on practically all types of fabrics
  • Water-based (aqueous)
  • Colourants optionally based on pigments, dyes or renewable raw materials                   
  • Excellent lightfastness with pigmented systems
  • High wash resistance according to EN ISO 105-C06 (depending on substrate from 4-5)
  • Good dry and wet abrasion according to EN ISO 105-X12 (depending on substrate from 4-5)
  • Very good sharpness
  • Wide colour gamut
  • High flexibility (elastic)
  • No influence on haptics
  • Almost odourless

We achieve these outstanding properties through natural crosslinkers and a clever combination of raw materials.

These inks are pat. pending.

For digital printing inks for textiles, we only use yellow pigments that do not form primary amines (ortho-anisidine) when exposed to temperature.

Jacket made of polyamide and polyester fabric, digitally printed and dyed

Digital dyeing

In addition to (digital) printing textiles, we have also succeed in developing formulations for digital dyeing.

The inks are pigmented and particularly suitable for polyamide and polyester fibers.

These inks are completely new and an example of saving materials and resources. The textiles are dyed without using water and with the use of low energy by applying a digital printing process.

These inks are new and are also pat. pending. At last, there is a sustainable and resource saving alternative to the classic dyeing process.

Digitally dyed synthetic fiber fabrics

Colourants and raw materials for creative textile design

In addition to (digital) printing textiles, we have also succeeded in developing formulations for digital dyeing.

An extraordinary example is our natural pen, where the user can easily decide whether the ink should be fixed on the textile or removed again by washing.

The ink set consists of more than 30 colours and is based on renewable raw materials. The ink ingredients (colourants, solvents, binders and additives) are obtained from plants, plant waste or algae.

With heat (e.g. ironing), the inks are permanently fixed and thus resistant to washing. If the design is not successful, it can be removed by washing without leaving any residue.

Colour selection of our natural pens


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