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Digital printing and dyeing with PolymerInk®

Digital printing

PolymerInk® inks are our proven, aqueous colour systems without any mineral oil, critical solvents and photoinitiators.

Thanks to the modular system, the inks can be precisely adjusted to the specific application, and not only for digital printing and inkjet applications.

The polymeric basic structure of PolymerInk® offers numerous possibilities for incorporating functional groups.

This allows ink properties to be specifically influenced and controlled. This is necessary because digital printing inks are in a stress field between the requirements of printhead, substrate, printing process, and to make things more difficult, regulatory requirements

For example, we can adjust the requested adhesion of the ink on a substrate or remove it completely from the surface (Deinking) without any deterioration of running behaviour in the printhead.

The more specialised the digital printing ink, the more the requested optimum in the field of stress can best be reached. Thus, it is rare to achieve perfect results with a standard ink for universal use.   

With our digital printing ink building blocks ink features can be adapted individually to the specific printing application (customising). 

Digital printing inks for textiles

Our textile inks are specifically developed for direct printing on textiles (dtg). Some outstanding features are:

  • High resistance
  • Wide colour gamut
  • Good haptics
  • Wide range of substrates

Available as:

  • Pigmented inks
  • Dye based inks
  • Soft pigmented inks
  • Natural colour inks (GrüneTinte®)

Our digital printing inks can be adjusted to the following printing technologies, among others:

  • Fuji Dimatix
  • Kyocera
  • Ricoh
  • Epson
  • Konica

Jacket made of polyamide and polyester fabric, digitally printed and dyed

Digital printing inks for packaging

prometho also offers harmless digital printing inks for packaging.

With our PolymerInk® series for digital printing on packaging, we offer water-based pigment inks for printing on cardboard, paper and packaging foils. The digital printing inks we have developed are free of migrating photoinitiators and can be adapted to a wide range of substrates and rarely require a primer. In addition, they are suitable for indirect food contact (Swiss A).

In terms of sustainability, we make sure that the inks are free from VOC (volatile organic compounds) and can be removed from the substrate (Deinking). In this way, packaging waste can be turned into high-quality recyclates.


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