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Because sustainably innovative is our way of thinking

Making inks sustainable was the motivation for founding prometho more than 20 years ago.

For us, it was unbelievable what some inks contained! So, our sustainable way started with making inks safer for people and the environment and saving resources in the process.

We work continuously to improve the sustainability of our company and our products. To achieve this, we set ourselves goals that are regularly reviewed.

In doing so, we are guided by the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) defined by the United Nations General Assembly in 2015 in its 2030 Agenda.

We develop our products ourselves in Bonefeld. We substitute unsafe ingredients wherever possible and focus on the use of renewable raw materials wherever this makes sense. By selecting harmless ingredients, renewable raw materials and economical processes, we make the inks safe and efficient to produce. This is how our GrüneTinte® came into being. What was initially a small product group in the field of labelling technology is now our label for inks made from renewable raw materials.

Again and again in our developments, we ask ourselves the question: “How can an ink be used to improve printing or dyeing processes in such a way that less resources are needed?” For example, we have developed an ink for digitally dyeing textiles that requires no water and significantly less energy than conventional dyeing processes; in addition, no (critical) wastewater is produced.

prometho can serve the following Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs):

Of course, we also look at the circular economy. Here, it is important to us that the printed substrates can be completely reused to make high-quality recyclates without ink residues negatively affecting the quality of the recyclate.

With our company health management, we promote the health and well-being of our employees. We provide ergonomics in the workplace and support our employees in sporting events. We grow fruit and vegetables in our company garden and regularly prepare meals together. We keep a few bee colonies and give every employee the opportunity to take care of a bee hive.

We regularly offer students the chance to carry out their practical semester or final thesis with us. We value the exchange with students and universities and it is not unusual for university graduates to start their professional careers with us. We provide training in commercial professions and are involved in the audit committee on a voluntary basis.

We use our rainwater and the water recovered from our cleaning processes so that it can be used again for cleaning.

Our electricity is 100% generated from hydropower and we heat climate neutrally with gas. Part of the waste heat is used as heating energy.

We want to determine, reduce and compensate for our CO2 emissions. To this end, we will work with a specialist to calculate our carbon footprint and develop measures to reduce it. Our goal is to become a climate-neutral company.

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For us, gender equality, humane work, and social and ecological standards are a matter of course; and we expect the same from our suppliers.

Due to our high level of development and in-house production depth, we also have the possibility to substitute and change suppliers in this area. Since we develop and manufacture exclusively in Germany, we can also guarantee these standards.

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