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Sustainably creative

When GrüneTinte comes into ink pens or dyeing sets, then the results are creative products for a colourful, imaginative and sustainable hobby.

Nature’s ink pen for textiles

  • washable or fixable

Ink pen for glass

  • permanent or washable

Outdoor ink pen for stone and clay

  • good coverage without acrylates

Ink pen for dark textiles

Batik and tie dye colours

  • based on plant dyes with natural fixation

Creative colours for natural colour painting

  • alternative to acrylic paints

Creative colours for natural colour printing

  • screen printing

Our brand for new creative ideas

Nature‘s ink pen for textiles

Textile pen set based on plant dyes in

6 natural colours.

For writing on, painting and decorating light-coloured textiles

washable or fixable

The ink can be washed out again before fixing.

New textiles do not need to be pre-washed and are recommended.

After fixing, the painted textile is wash-resistant.

If the nature‘s ink should be removed from the textile and a new attempt is to be made, the UNFIXED textile can be washed in the household washing machine at 40 °C within 24 hours of painting.

After drying, the textile can be designed again.

Creative inks for YOUR product portfolio

Over 20 years of experience in the development and optimization of sustainable inks and coatings

We are continuously pursuing our mission of developing and offering sustainable and innovative product solutions step by step. In addition to our many years of experience, we can draw on excellent networks of manufacturers and suppliers.

Sustainable and, above all, harmless products are in demand in the creative sector in particular. Not only do we have the necessary expertise to turn plant-based colours into textile inks or to formulate paints that do not form microplastics, but most of these products have already been field-tested.

We can also make YOUR products even more sustainable. Often all it takes is an adjustment to the recipe; there are no limits to ideas. We will also find the right formulation for you so that you can offer your customers new, sustainable products.

With creativity and intrepidness, we have already been able to find many new applications for existing formulations. We would be happy to support you in expanding your product portfolio as well.

Colour selection of our natural painters on cotton

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