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We make your products even more sustainable with our inks!

Wherever sustainability is important in addition to the innovative product idea, we support our customers with sustainable inks, printing inks and colour dispersions.

We manufacture our formulations in Bonefeld. Product safety, delivery capability and resource-saving processes are just as much a matter of course for us as the subsequent recyclability of the printed or coloured substrates.


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Sustainability – it’s who we are, that’s what we do

What makes our inks sustainable?

Our choice of non-hazardous ingredients, renewable raw materials and resource saving processes make our inks safe and efficient in production.

We work continuously on improvements by keeping processes simple and energy and water consumption low.

One example of saving materials and resources is our pat. pending digital dyeing process. Here, textiles are dyed by using a digital printing process that consumes no water and uses less energy.

We of course consider the circular economy. The most important thing is that the printed substrates can be completely manufactured into high grade recyclates without ink residues having a negative impact on the quality of the recyclates.

Our alternative from renewable resources

GrüneTinte ® is our brand for inks which consist almost entirely of renewable raw materials.

With GrüneTinte® we check the usability of natural materials and wherever possible hone their properties to produce raw materials for industrial use. By doing so, reliable availability, reproduceable processing and a meaningful yield are important for us.

We make sure that your specific application works in top quality and is thus celebrated, because GrüneTinte® saves resources.


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